Since 2002, many of the nation’s top credit unions and financial institutions have relied on the SAIL lending automation platform to manage and grow their lending programs. Created by Teres Solutions and now operated and supported by CRIF Lending Solutions’ CRIF ACTion division, SAIL enables customers to streamline the loan application process, increase productivity, and greatly enhance loan tracking and reporting capabilities through the following solutions:

  • SAIL Indirect - SAIL Indirect significantly reduces the time it takes to review loan applications, request and review credit reports, enter data into core systems, make lending decisions and respond to dealers and members.
  • SAIL Direct - SAIL Direct is a comprehensive loan origination system for direct lending that can help your institution increase loan volume, improve yields and continuously improve service quality by providing instantaneous responses to loan applications received in person, over the phone or online.
  • SAIL Portal - SAIL Portal provides third parties like DealerTrack, RouteOne, CUDL and others with access to hundreds of lenders around the country that use SAIL solutions to process loan applications, facilitating communication between the lender and the originator of the loan application.
  • SAIL Merchant Lending – SAIL Merchant Lending enables lending institutions to offer merchants and service providers fast, automated and instantaneous 24x7 financing for potential customers immediately at the point of sale.

If you’re a current SAIL customer interested in adding SAIL Merchant Lending to your current lineup of SAIL solutions, contact your account manager today to get started.

If you’re a new customer interested in SAIL, please take a look at CRIF ACTion, which is a powerful combination of the Teres and APPRO solutions.

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