CRIF Select's indirect auto lending program connects dealers with a network of local credit unions, providing a consistent source of auto buying. The credit unions in our program offer a partnership that drives members to purchase a vehicle from your dealership and allows the credit union to offer financing directly at the point of sale.

Benefits of Partnering:

  • Dedicated dealer representative
  • Competitive dealer compensation
  • Online vehicle inventory advertising

CRIF Select offers convenient and easy-to-use indirect auto lending solutions for dealers.


AppLine™ is an online application that decisions auto loan applications within seconds and offers several cutting edge tools for dealers:

  • Automated membership eligibility
  • Pre-fill functionality for ease of completing forms
  • Fast access to auto loan rates and terms.


Auto loan applications that are not automatically decisioned through AppLine are forwarded to the lender for review through CRIF Select's LoanTrack product. Dealers and lenders can follow the status of applications using LoanTrack, and through this tool, facilitate decision making. LoanTrack offers dealers a wide variety of benefits:

  • Tracks applications and contracts
  • Updates loan information on applications with missing loan information
  • Manages compliance
  • Manages non-fundable deals held in compliance
  • Prints call-backs
  • Provides access to funding vouchers