ATLANTA (Jan. 23, 2017) – CRIF Synergy, a division of CRIF Lending Solutions and industry-leading provider of risk and decision management solutions, has partnered with Bankers Healthcare Group (BHG). As the leading provider of financial solutions for healthcare professionals, BHG will use the CRIF Synergy CREDICHECK data access system, RapUP decisioning characteristic development system and StrategyOne business rules management system to increase automation, improve attribute management and reduce decision times.

“Our partnership with CRIF Synergy makes good strategic sense because they have deep experience working with the financial institutions, and their tools will help make our unique financing model more sophisticated,” said Al Crawford, CEO of BHG. “Their systems provide us with more efficiency and flexibility for our credit decision process that our financing partners will benefit from and appreciate.”

Since 2001, BHG has been committed to providing hassle-free financial solutions to healthcare professionals, including working capital loans, credits cards and insurance services. BHG has provided more than $2 billion in funding to thousands of satisfied customers nationwide. Inc. magazine has recognized the company 11 times for growth and job creation.

CREDICHECK formats inquiries to the specifications of the desired data source, retrieves the data and transmits it back to the user, formatted in a common format regardless of the source. CREDICHECK reaches all major U.S., North American and international consumer and commercial credit bureaus, as well as many other alternative data providers.

With RapUP, the market's leading characteristic development system, risk and credit analysts can easily create, test and modify the characteristics used in the decision process, from a desktop-based design application.

StrategyOne enables institutions to identify the right targets, increase customer loyalty, boost sales, manage risk as well as implement business and regulatory policies and procedures. The system accomplishes this by integrating strategy design, execution and monitoring elements of the decision management process.

“This partnership with BHG is a tremendous opportunity for us to showcase the value of our solutions for one of the industry’s most recognized financial institutions,” said Scarlett Shipp, President, CRIF Synergy. “We are very confident that this partnership will provide immediate efficiency gains for BHG, as well as pave the way for future growth.”

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CRIF Lending Solutions is the nation’s largest provider of loan and account origination, business process outsourcing, credit decisioning, data access, and lending and marketing analytics solutions to a number of the most successful U.S. financial institutions including banks, credit unions, finance companies, retailers and credit card processors. CRIF Lending Solutions is organized into four dedicated divisions: CRIF Achieve, CRIF ACTion, CRIF Select, and CRIF Synergy. CRIF Lending Solutions is a part of CRIF, the leading global company specializing in the development and management of decision support systems. For more information, visit www.criflendingsolutions.com.