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ACTion Deposit Account Opening

ACTion Loan Origination System

BizMark/Mark IV




Case Studies

BizMark Bank of Idaho

ACTion Delta Commmunity Credit Union

SAIL Denali Federal Credit Union

Mark IV D.L. Evans Bank

ACTion Great Southern Bank

ACTion Harborstone Credit Union

Synergy OpenSky

ACTion Seven Seventeen Credit Union

Mark IV TCM Bank

Select Interra Credit Union

Select SMW Federal Credit Union

Select Texas Dow Employees Credit Union

Select U.S. Eagle Federal Credit Union

Select VyStar Credit Union

Achieve Anderson Brothers Bank Price Optimization

Achieve Anderson Brothers Bank Stress Testing

Achieve Credit Union Loan Source

Achieve East Idaho Credit Union

ACTion Neighbors Federal Credit Union

Select ASI FCU


Achieve Analytics What We Do

Achieve Understanding Analytics

Select Universal Roadmap for Indirect Lending Success


CRIF Lending Solutions Overview

CRIF ACTion Division Overview

CRIF Select Division Overview

CRIF Achieve Division Overview

CRIF Synergy Division Overview

CRIF ACTion Success Story Medallion Bank

CRIF ACTion Success Story Bangor Savings Bank

CRIF Synergy Success Story Capital Bank of Maryland

CRIF Synergy Success Story Bank of the West

CRIF Lending Solutions Success Story Snap-On Credit

CRIF Lending Solutions Success Story Anderson Brothers Bank

CRIF Select Success Story Interra Credit Union


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How to Select the Loan Origination Software That’s Right for You

Company Due Diligence LOS

Compliance LOS

Fraud Detection LOS

Indirect Lending LOS

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Monitoring and Reporting LOS

Post-Approval LOS

Scoring and Decisioning LOS

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Systems Administration LOS

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External Data LOS

Custom Underwriting Scorecard

Achieve Disparate Impact Best Practices

Select Dealer Partnership


Achieve Decisioning Optimization for Your LOS

Achieve Disparate Impact

Synergy MoveCU

ACTion Business Lending

Synergy Data and Attribute Management

Select Dealer Management

ACTion FirstClose Settlement Services

Achieve Stress Testing

Select Alliant Boat and RV

Select Technology

SAIL Direct Web 3.0

ACTion Deposit Account Opening

ACTion Encryption at Rest

ACTion Great Southern Bank


SAIL Texas Dow Employees CU

ACTion Cross-Selling