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Solutions: Analytics & Business Consulting

Analytics & Business Consulting

In today's lending market, you need to:

  • Design credit strategies and project results
  • Transform strategies into quick decisions
  • Guarantee a frictionless consumer experience through fluid processes
  • Monitor all relevant aspects of the industry, competition and an institution to maintain improvement

Our analytics and business consulting group helps you reach your business goals. We provide analytics, consulting and reporting aimed at maximizing returns for every phase of the lending/credit process. With our group's extensive experience, we use best practices and an analytical approach to maximize results throughout the entire credit life cycle.

CRIF Differentials

Extensive Experience

More than 30 years of analytics and consulting experience with U.S. and international clients.

On-Site Approach

Not all consulting can be solved remotely. So we come to you as often as necessary to ensure satisfaction.

Quick Wins

Our goal for each project is to define immediate and affordable actions that generate quick returns and lead to sound, long-term strategies.

Across the Entire Credit Life Cycle

Services available cover the entire credit life cycle including origination, management, engagement and recovery.

Full Allocation of Resources

Each project is fully staffed from start to finish to ensure timely delivery, complete results and maximum satisfaction.

Strong and Resounding Testimonials

Achieved through our dedication and work ethic to meet deadlines and deliver, we are not satisfied until each client has a success story to share.

Measurable ROI

To quantify the impact of a project, calculating a client's return on investment both before and after the partnership is a top priority.

Proven Methodology

Each project relies on a structured, well-planned and executed approach that provides milestones to ensure that the project meets expectations and produces results.

No Cookie-Cutter Solutions

Since no two clients are exactly alike, extensive up-front information gathering ensures solutions are tailored to meet the exact needs of each client.


“The Achieve pricing optimization solution helps us compete with the big boys of the indirect lending world. It gives our community bank a tool that all major lenders use and that we couldn’t afford to develop on our own. It now allows us to buy the profitable deals and avoid those that don’t meet our desired return.”

Case study quote from Anderson Brothers Bank, a CRIF Next Level Achievement Award winner.

Anderson Brothers Achieve

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Achieve Anderson Brothers Bank Stress Testing

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Achieve Analytics What We Do

Achieve DTI eBook

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Achieve Understanding Analytics

CRIF Achieve Division Overview

Scoring and Decisioning LOS

Products & Services

Achieve Analytics

Agile Predictive Analytics Solution

Analytics can be leveraged to increase loan portfolio growth, optimize pricing, and predict consumer behaviors and risk. Leveraging analytics is key to success for any financial institution. Achieve Analytics provides a wide range of analytics solutions that boost lending performance through scorecard development and validation, portfolio analysis and valuation, and lending strategy and policy evaluation for regulatory compliance and accuracy.
Achieve Data & Reporting Analytics

Advanced Data & Reporting Solutions

Achieve Data & Reporting helps you use your business intelligence to improve performance, policies and your bottom line. It delves into lending strategies and portfolio performance. It also investigates credit and risk management, compliance efforts, and credit process efficiency. Utilizing those findings provides the reporting and consulting guidance you need to see immediate and long-term results.
Achieve Business Consulting

Continuous Improvement Services

The Achieve Business Consulting team helps streamline various components of your business. Our extensive expertise and best practice knowledge are focused on meeting your lending and related business goals. Ranging from assessing current processes to developing advanced strategies and building reporting frameworks, this service provide you with both immediate value as well as long-term benefits.

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