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Solutions: Data Access & Attribute Management

Data Access & Attribute Management

Data is the lifeblood of the credit and lending process. Making an automated decision without it becomes nearly impossible, not to mention risk increases. Financial institutions used credit bureau data or just black box-created scores for years to dictate their decision-making process. However, with the extra pressure to control risk, scoring process transparency and alternative data sources have become increasingly more important. Yet, how should you use that data to make better decisions?

CRIF Lending Solutions offers two best-in-class components to enhance your data access and data attribute management needs without having to replace your entire loan origination system. Our components provide access to a wide variety of credit bureau and alternative data providers. Once the data is retrieved and formatted, the technology allows you to develop and implement scoring characteristics into the decision process without IT programming. Testing those characteristics can also be done right from your desktop.

CRIF Differentials

Enhance Any LOS

Data retrieval and characteristic development components can be added to any existing loan origination system to give it leading-edge capabilities.

Wide Data Provider Access

Access to all North American credit bureaus and their products as well as a wide variety of alternative data providers gives you maximum resources to lower your risk.

Common Format Display

Data retrieval component allows access to all data fields from any source in a common layout and format – saving training costs, minimizing user errors and speeding up the review process.


Integrated business intelligence tools to monitor behaviors allowing users to apply unique business process and logic by customized segmentation.

Reliability and Consistency

Data retrieval component is the solution used for nearly 20% of all U.S. credit reports pulled each year.

User Autonomy and Independence

Credit and risk staff manage the control, design and testing of scoring characteristics, which eliminates lengthy delays that can occur during the IT implementation and programming processes.


Characteristic development component gives your business the power to be responsive to changing market conditions by supporting the quick creation and revision of your scoring attributes.


Need to know how the system derived a score or why a loan amount was approved? Just go back and check the configuration. No black boxes or software codes to examine — only transparent, easy-to-understand requirements.

Attribute Library

More than 600 normalized attributes based on credit bureau data are available as part of the characteristic development component, which provides a head start.

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High-Speed Data Access Component

The CREDICHECK Data Access component is used for pulling over 20 percent of all U.S. and international credit and alternative data reports each year. CREDICHECK formats your inquiry to the specifications of the desired data source. It then retrieves the data and transmits it back to you, formatted for use. It is an excellent enhancement to any existing loan origination system.

Scoring Characteristic Development Component

The RapUP characteristic development component gives risk and credit analysts the ability to develop and implement scoring characteristics without IT programming. With its internal test facility, you can test scoring characteristics on your desktop. An optional RapUP attribute library with over 600 normalized attributes is also available.

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