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Solutions: Decision Management

Decision Management

Identifying the right target markets and clients, increasing customer loyalty, boosting sales and profits, managing risk, and implementing business and regulatory policies and procedures are high priorities for every lender and credit processor. Most loan origination systems don't have decision management systems capable of providing the automated decisions required to supply this information on a truly functional level.

Our component-based solution integrates the decision workflow design, execution and monitoring elements required for managing all decision processes in a complete, effective and timely manner. From credit underwriting to ongoing credit line management and marketing campaigns and collection strategies, this solution covers all aspects of the decision management process. It can also be added to enhance any existing lending platform or any business workflow automation platform and is designed to give control to the user, instead of the user's IT department.

CRIF Differentials

Fast and Agile

Adapt with speed and agility to process and report changes driven by evolving business, consumer and compliance requirements.

Easy to Use

Decision management component is designed for use by a business person, without IT intervention.

Behavior Analysis

Convert ideas into effective actions based on consumer behavior analysis with user-friendly graphic tools for data extraction and report creation.


Control credit processes and operations with quick and easy visibility of all aspects of process execution activities.

Consistent Decisions

Provides consistent decisions at all stages of the customer lifecycle and across your enterprise from engagement through collections.

Works with Existing Systems

Design allows each component to work within and enhance any existing loan origination or decision system. So there's no need to start from scratch.


Optimizes credit process performance to align with business goals through flexible reporting and robust OLAP analysis features delivered via out-of-the-box, predefined reports and configurable report definition.

Automate Processes

Automates and standardizes decision processes as well as provides easy management of strategies and on-time achievement of time-to-market strategies.

Intuitive User Interface

The decision component allows the user to design the respective requirements and specifications that create the code executed by the component’s engine.

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Complete Business Rules Management Component

By integrating the strategy, design, execution and monitoring elements of the decision management process, StrategyOne enables your organization to identify the right targets, increase consumer loyalty, boost sales, manage risk, and implement business and regulatory policies and procedures. This component can work with any existing loan origination system as well as with any CRM or other business workflow automation system.

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